The Secret to Wearing High Heels Without Pain

So this a repost from Fashion Stylist Leslie Christen I will definitely be trying this out...
If you've ever hobbled home after a long day or night in heels, this is the tip for you!
Tape your third and forth toes (counting from the big toe) together - We recommend nude medical tape for a low-profile look, but Scotch tape works in a pinch- to alleviate pain in the ball of your foot.
Sound crazy?
Here's the reasoning:
There's a nerve that splits between those two toes, which causes pain when pressure is put upon it, (a.k.a. when you wear heels). The tape removes the strain on the nerve, allowing you to dance the night away.
You're Welcome!
Let me know if any of you try this out and if it works for you, or have you already tried this? what do you think?

A Moroccan Leather Belt is a must have accessory for the BOHO/GYPSY trend


I just love these belts and have a few of them myself that I wear constantly. They are a great accessory to add to any boho / southwestern / gypsy outfit
A must have to finish off that OOTD with the 70s floppy felt hat, Fringed kimono, Paisley Flares, and giant turquoise jewelry

Well you're in luck!.......
Desdemona has a couple of gorgeous Genuine Moroccan leather belts for Sale on Etsy now
Snatch one up quick!!!
The first one is brown with silver metal studs all the way around and a striking tooled silver horn and concho on the front which fastens the belt in place (and adjusts the size)
for sale for only £19 / $29
Vintage 70s Moroccan brown real Leather Belt Hippy conchos Southwestern aztec ethnic hipster bohemian studded SoCal rocker Rock n Roll
Then there's the black
which has tooled silver metal conchos all the way around the belt and a larger one for the clasp of the belt
for sale for £15 / $23
What outfit would you wear a Moroccan Concho belt with???

Hair Competition (part 2) 1940’s Autumn hair

My last post was about the Christmas hair Competition, so I thought I’d just let you know about our latest competition,
the theme was “The Seasons”. I chose Autumn, I must admit Summer is my favorite month by a mile, but I do love the Autumn sun, and the colours of the leaves in Autumn
I also chose to put my spin on the hairstyle ;) and went for a Vintage 1940s style with Victory Rolls at the front and designed a cute row of vertical rolls at the back and then added a hair slide I made with some decorative acorns, toadstools, feathers etc
Aaaaaaaand…………….. I won 1st Prize!!

image-1image (2) 


I created this look by curling all the hair first with tongs, the two front sections that created the victory rolls were curled back away from the face, and the back all curled in the same direction with the tong held vertically, which helped create the rolls at the back
The rolls were created by twisting them around my index finger and rolling them in towards the scalp, then securing with grips and hairspray
Hope you like it! :)

oh and before I finish, here’s the mood board I had to do first, to present my inspirations and materials I was going to use.

Thanks for reading!!
Have a lovely weekend

Vintage Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Desdemona has found THE most perfect Biker jacket for you lucky ladies.....
Check this baby out....
Vintage genuine leather motorcycle jacket with asymmetric zip, zips on the cuffs and red lining!!
Soooooo Alexa Chung!........

We post Worldwide Ladies!!!!
The Motorcycle Jacket is a must have item that never dates, you will be bringing this out winter after winter.

Christmas is coming!!!! Tell Santa to get bidding!

Rochester Vintage Wedding Fair

Heya! Readers,
Well, I was asked recently to help out with the hair at The Rochester Vintage Wedding Fair last Saturday
 I spent some of my Friday night perfecting my Victory Rolls and wedding hair / updos, hoping this is what I would get a chance to do..

But....... some of the models pulled out at the last minute or just didn't show up on the day
so friends and family were pulled into strut their stuff in a wedding dress
unfortunately for me, a lot of them had too shorter hair for victory rolls and up dos, or didn't want their hair up (headache!)
Still, it all went smoothly and I have a couple of photos to share with you.....

They all looked beautiful

Desdemona has some gems this week..... Hobbs workwear / 50s crochet bag / Ness tartan jacket

You lucky ladies!!!

Desdemona's been hard at work finding you the best Vintage and Stylish gems
check these out
Up for auction this week is this wonderful Hobbs of London Navy 2 piece suit made in the finest English wool

'Smart but feminine with a 1940s feel'

Hobbs is a big hit with the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) she always looks smart and stylish in Hobbs

Kate looking amazing in Hobbs

Then there's this vintage 1950s Crochet Hand bag in a cappuccino shade with Lucite handle 
the perfect Autumn bag to go with those coats for that retro look

Last but not least is this Ness of Scotland light brown and pink tweed tartan wool jacket
looks just as fab over a tea dress as it does with your riding boots or wellies for that quintessential British look

And we post WORLDWIDE, what could be better than that?!
you sit back, relax with your cuppa and let Desdemona show you some beautiful pieces
if you see anything you like well the links are there for you to bid
if you would like to get in touch, comment below, tweet us , or email

thanks for looking ladies!

La Riche Directions Poppy Red hair colour / colour blow dry and finish / hairdressing

Hey! how you all doing??
quick post here to show you what I done in college last week 
I had my first 'client' as such
The beautiful Ellie came in to have have her hair dyed using La Riche Directions shade: Poppy Red
then blown out smooth using a little serum and a large round brush
then just a little twisting of the ends with the flat irons
I think she looks stunning (even if I do say so myself )

What do you think?

Nina Garcia's Little Black Book of Style -Quote- Confidence

I'm just going to share with you this paragraph (or two) from Nina Garcia's book, The Little Black Book of Style -
I always think confidence is key.... so here you are......

"When a beautiful woman walks into a room, I may glance up for a moment, but I soon return to my entree or my conversation or the desert menu. Let's be honest: beauty is not all that interesting (and certainly not more interesting than the desert menu). 
But when a confident woman walks into a room, it is entrancing. I'll watch as she moves with poise and self-possession. She is not usually the one in the plain black dress. She is the one in the interesting shirt and the vintage skirt, and I immediately want to know where she got them. 
And she may not be the most stunningly gorgeous woman I've ever seen, but she has a way about her that can make her one of the most intriguing.
Confidence is captivating, it is powerful, and it does not fade - and that is endlessly more interesting than beauty."

And they say fashion is "silly" and "worthless"
not only does it bring revenue into the UK, with British style and designers selling all over the world, (the British fashion industry worth over 21bn a year)
But if you wear clothes that can make you feel confident, you will have a positive attitude, if you have a positive attitude, it WILL change your life
(That's where stylists come in) 

ISBN: 978-0-06-123490-3

Thanks for stopping by! Tweet this if you like what you read :) XXX

3 little beauties for you from Desdemona

Hey my lovely ladies
Here's a couple of pieces up for sale at the moment

Retro late 60s - early 70s paisley dress with HUUUUUUGE bell sleeves

Ri2K (John Richmond) dark brown genuine leather hand bag in the most elegant mock croc

and then there's this 1950s black genuine leather handbag by Spearo

Paloma Faith Her Amazing Style.....

Paloma Faith can do no wrong these days
OK....Granted..... so there have been some 'EEEKK Moments' in the past, but we wont mention them Hey P!
I say, at least she had the balls to whack on something different
but check this girl out these days
You Glow Girl!

Twitter: @StyleDesdemona

Its good to be back!

Jeeezzz, I haven't posted on here in sooooo long
 It has been a very busy couple of years for me, and I should of been blogging, so I'm gonna catch up heres a quick re cap of some of what I've been up to since I last spoke to you....
(then I promise I will blog more often, even if they are short but sweet)

Finding out about my family tree (blog post coming soon!)
Took an Alpaca for a walk!
saw Jake Bugg live in Brixton
Turned 30!
Day trip to Bruges (again)
One of my best friends got married
Changed my car
Working my butt off to pay for the hairdressing course, and all the kit
 practicing hair, as you can see in the post below
2 x Trips to Liverpool (blog post coming soon!)
Day trips in London, its right on my doorstep, but I don't take the time to enjoy it, usually I'm outta there asap!  (blog post coming soon!)
Coffee in Buckingham Palace
Isabella Blow exhibition at Somerset house (blog post coming soon!)
I've got Penpals!!!
As well as trying to take some time for me (I must remember to take time to relax, and turn off my mind (♪♫ relax and float downstream ♪♫) )

Also I've set up a Twitter account for Desdemona (I've never been very active on Twitter in the past, but I'm determined to give it a go)
Follow Pleeeaaaassseeee..... @styledesdemona

Whats in store for 2014 ..... Hairdressing Training ...

Firstly ..... Happy New Year Bloggers !!!
So what have you all got in the pipe line for 2014?
I'm excited for this year, I will be starting my diploma in Hair Design
I have always been interested in hairdressing, worked in a few hairdresser when I was younger, always cut. styled and coloured friends hair for them, started training in a salon when I was 16 but gave it up and now I think its time to go back to it, hopefully I will have the time to keep you all updated on my progress....
here's some of what I've been up to so far.....

#1 before and after, cut to a bob and smoothed out 
#2  took the bobbed hair and dyed it red and styled it in a 70s Charlie's angels inspired do  
#3 long Glam glossy waves
#4 & #5 The Ombre effect

#5 makeover hair before and after, dyed hair in the darkest brown, cut a fringe and a blow-dry, finished off with twisting the ends with straighteners
#6  practicing 1940s Victory Rolls 
#7 1920s Finger waves
#8 retro style shampoo and set


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