The Clothes Show Live and this weeks vintage goodies.....

This year was my first year at The Clothes Show Live, I’ve been wanting to go for a few years but its up in Birmingham and thats just effort to get there, but this year they held one in London, So I just HAD to go
its about £40 a ticket but I must of got the ticket price back in Pantene freebee shampoo alone!
First off we watched a 45 min Fashion Show (fashions from world capitals) on the largest catwalk in London ever, and presented by George and Larry Lamb!
Theres so many places to have your photo taken and nails painted and hair done etc
I booked up to have a talk with personal stylist Natalie Robinson (who has styled Beyonce and Sharon Stone among others) and we got free Martinis its so much fun and I’d recomend it to all you girlies!! real girlie day out!
My favourite was The Style Stage where lots of fashion professionals get up and make speaches or interviews its like reading Vogue but its happening live!!
I met Caryn Franklin and designer Gareth Pugh!!
and we wandered around the stalls, the Vintage ones being my favourites obviously!!
We also got approached by BBC3 to interview us on “weird habits” so watch out for us on zee telly!
anyway, heres some pics
Now back to work.....
heres some of this week Vintage Beauties up for grabs

heres the link to our items.....
dont forget to keep an eye on our etsy listings too....
thanks, hope you enjoyed reading!!
I need a coffee now! off to ta put the kettle on

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