vintage VINTAGE vintage...........................

whoops... I aint had much time recently to be bloggin'
but heres a few pics of some new pieces for sale at the mo'
also on the left <- there is a few links for you to 'ave a gander at
I'll be adding more soon


Bid now...once they have gone, they have gone forever!!!
heres two beautiful vintage dresses for sale now
one is an adorable 1950's day dress in pink and white gingham
and the other is a 1960's Ray Anthony mod / psych dress
click on the ebay link for further details

Photobucket Photobucket

hope you've all been enjoying the hot weather so far
bring on the summer of '09, (40 years ago this would of been me in the summer of '69)
although, that also means its coming up to the 40th anniversary of the death of Brian Jones :(

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