Eltham Palace........

Had an amazing day yesterday, went to the beautiful Eltham Palace
which belonged to Stephen and Virginia ‘ginnie’ Courtauld in the 1930s
the mansion is decorated roof to basement in Art Deco
the Courtaulds had the whole interior decorated in the most luxurious and extravagant materials possible at the time
It is the most beautiful place I’ve EVER seen, my jaw dropped as I set foot in each room,
followed by a nice stroll around the grounds in the autumn sunshine
A place you must visit if you are in London, or South East
(the photos outside are taken by me, but the ones inside I stole from Google (Shhh!!) because they don't allow photography inside)

the outside
the grounds

 look at the beautiful old doors....
stone carving by the front doors, this, I think, was Ginnie

(If hes gonna be waving that sword around, you'd think he might wanna put some pants on, just a thought)
The cute Parakeets flying around the grounds
 the entrance hall / lounge

Dining room
stunning dining room doors
check out the fireplace WANT!
mirrored furniture in one of the guest bedrooms
 the Courtalds with their pet ring tailed lemur mar-jongg
Mar-Jongg relaxing...
I'm gonna leave you with some adverts for Courtaulds fabrics from the 1930s 


  1. Wow that looks so amazing. Wished I could live there....

  2. its even more beautiful in real life!!
    I know, I didnt want to leave


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