Hot Picks......Jake Bugg / Parka / Maybelline concealer

Just a quick post here, to share a few things that I'm lovin' at the moment
lemme know what you think...
Listening to.....
Jake Buggs album, I kept hearing, what I now know is Lightning Bolt, last summer but I wasn't sure who it was, I thought it was old song, with its country/skiffle influence
then found out it was this fella
his albums great with a real vintage sound
The modern Donovan in my opinion
and he's only around 18!! all the songs are written by him
(Country Song is one of my faves, simple but brilliant)
its worth buying, Lightning bolt maybe a little overplayed now, as I'm hearing it everywhere, every shop you go into, every bloody advert and even in the Cafe on Eastenders
but the album tracks are sweet!

Buying ......
I bought this light weight Fish Tail Parka jacket the other week and I love it surprisingly the colour seems to go with anything
Parka's are an iconic fashion item made popular with the Mods when they needed to keep there smart gear from getting splattered with mud when on their scooters
so I feel this will never date and I'm gonna get a lot of wear out of it
and it was only £25 from Matalan
 Canvas Jacket
Oasis do a similar one...

but I don't think its as nice and its £70!

lastly just a quick bit of beauty for you make-up freaks
Maybellines 24hr Super Stay Concealer is a new fave of mine
will defo be buying this again
a little goes a long way and it covers really well
(although looking at other reviews it seems its not so great if you have dry skin)

that is all

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  1. Great picks! I love Jake Bugg's album at the moment, I love how he writes his own songs etc

    Check out my blog,would love it if you comment, follow!


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