Stone Roses Finsbury Park

So...... I have been wanting to see The Stone Roses since I can remember, but was a little too young in the early 90s, but have always listened to them, and played them many a-time when djing
I was looking forward to Fri 7th June since we booked the tickets last November!
Very disappointed by the line-up was not happy that Dizzee Rascal was on the bill! He didn't go down well at all..... there was about 60,000 sitting in Finsbury Park with a look on their face like 'When is this gonna end' Mine included!!
The rest of the time there was a great atmosphere in the park,
The Stone Roses more than made up for it, we had to move position as we started off  to the left of the stage and the sound was terrible!
not the best gig ever, but glad I got to cross The Stone Roses off the list of bands I want to see live
just wish I'd booked the Saturday instead. I mean..... Miles Kane.....P.i.L ...& Johnny Marr!!
Heres a couple of photos I managed to take, as the nice man on the gate let me take in my camera (no cameras were allowed, unless press)
Thank for reading..... any of you lot go?
 I'd love to hear your stories from previous gigs!


  1. I saw the Stone Roses at Coachella this year and they were amazing! Thanks for following me. I like your blog. Following back :)

    1. Fantastic Becca, I'd love to go to Coachella one year, quite a way for me to travel though (about 8,000 miles from London!)
      I like your blog too, Hun
      Thanks for the comment!


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