Favourites........ vintage films and current playlist.....

Over the years I have collected a large amount of 60’s films,
I love the “simpleness” of them and obv. the fashion and decor and cars etc
my favourites being Up the Junction (which I named my vintage clothing boutique after!), Smashing Time & Poor Cow, Carol White is one of my favourite actresses of that era.
heres some that I have: (some I like more than others!!)

Up the Junction, Girl on a Motorcycle, Smashing Time,
Valley of the Dolls, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls,Poor Cow, Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush, Performance, Easy Rider,
I’ll Never Forget What’s’isname, Beatgirl, Lolita,
Cathy Come Home, Saturday Night Sunday Morning, Blow Up,
The Knack, A Taste of Honey, Cathy Come Home, The Graduate,
Help!, A Hard Days Night, Psycho, Cactus Flower,
Butterflies are Free, The Birds, Georgie Girl, Bedazzled,
Wonderwall, Bronco Bullfrog, The Italian Job
but…. I am after a few more to add to my collection

 Cool it Carol, The System (the girl getters)
Young Bird Fly, Repulsion, Live it Up!, Leather Boys
All Neat in Black Stockings,
If there’s any others that I’ve forgotten? or any that you love that I may not of seen, let me know!!
Now for my current playlist......
Heres a few songs that I’m addicted to at the mo'
if theres any you have not heard, Go on, treat your ears....give them a listen...
1. Boom Boom Boom —- John Lee Hooker
2. Tiny Dancer —- Elton John
3. Jackson —- Johnny Cash & June Carter
4. Trani —- Kings of Leon
5. Head to Toe —- Kings of Leon
6. Here Comes Your Man —- Pixies
7. Barabajagal —- Donovan
8. Goo Goo Muck —- The Cramps
9. Peace Frog —- The Doors
10. Toad —- Cream
11. Magic Carpet Ride ---- Steppenwolf
12. Sweet Home Chicago —- Robert Johnson
13. Rock Steady --- Aretha Franklin
14. Tattva / Govinda —-Kula Shaker
15. Little Yellow Spider —- Devendra Banhart
16. Desdemona —- Johns Children

Whatcha think?
Last but not least.......

talking of Desdemona....

A great place for vintage clothing and accesories ran by yours truly!
“Desdemona, just because your the daughter of a man”
Desdemona after the Johns Children Song, and of course The Allman brothers also did a song called Desdemona, cus aint it also a place in Texas, which is cool, coz I like Country music!!!!
right that me done today.....
enjoy the rest of your day you beautiful bloggers


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