Eagle Heights // Leopard // Eagle // Vulture

Had a day out at Eagle Heights in Kent
where they have Eagles, Vultures, Hawks and all sorts of birds of prey,
Also Meerkats, a Camel, Snakes, Lizards and 3 Cheetahs !!!
They have the Eagles out flying around right above your heads, and the cheetah out just on a lead!!
and they have the cheetah run down a hill and right in front of you, but its so quick, couldn't get a photo of that.
It was so interesting, and amazing to see these beautiful animals up close
heres some photos....

                                                     Bald Eagle.......
             The ACTUAL Eagle that was used in this Kings of Leon photo shoot and on the cover of their album Only by the Night
Marabou Stork.....
these were one of favourites so friendly, and funny, you wouldn't believe.
Giant Lizards.... these were HUGE!

ready? all together now........

Just look at that face!!!

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