Harris Hawk // Eagle Heights Pt. 2 // Falconry

Had an amazing afternoon, the other day, donned my wellies, went off into the countryside to do a bit of falconry, I had a Harris Hawk called Dylan 
he was a right gorgeous little fella
this is him......
we went on a 3 mile walk and learnt how to hold the birds, and had to cast them off, and then get them to come back to us
They fly straight at you from the top of a tree and land on your hand, its magical
these medium-large birds of prey originate from the South Western States of America (California, Arizona, Texas, Colorado etc)
and have been spotted in Britain
They have a wingspan of around 3.5ft and weigh around 1.5 - 2 lbs
Dylan managed to catch a black bird while we were out, they also also catch lizards and rabbits!
(I know its not nice but its nature, Folks!)
Here he is again, relaxing....

And heres me with Dylan as he was flying to and fro from my hand and the tree
I would reccommend this to anyone, its beautiful to see these birds up close,
 This was at Eagle Heights in Kent
I did a previous post about this place when we went back in the spring
They also have Meerkats there..
 And and Arctic Fox!!!
but they wouldn't let me keep them! :(
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the photos :)


  1. Wow thats looks fantastic ! I had a lesson in falconry last week and it was really interesting. XX

  2. Wow, it must be amazing to hold such a wonderfull bird.
    I love the little meerkats. :)

  3. this is beyond amazzzzing! You are gorgie by the way! I wish I looked that awesome when I'm out in nature! Ugh and those pups, tooooo cute!!!!

  4. wow your hair is to die for!

  5. oh this is absolutely amazing! a friend of mine also does falcony, those birds are so majestic and it´s a pleasure to watch them! love your photos!


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