Mums the Word (Happy Birthday Ma) ♥

Its my beautiful Mummys birthday today (Happy Birthday Mum) so I've dedicated this post to her and mums in general
I feel so lucky to have the nicest, warmest, kindest, cleverest, best, most gorgeous mum in the world!
She is my best friend and has always been there for me, to encourage me and a shoulder to cry on
Love you Mum!
Here's some photos of me ma in the early 70s
I just love old photos, doesn't matter if they are of people I know or not, they just have such charm

Here's my mum with my dad
 (my dad was a drummer in a band called Mindcage in the early 70s, they did covers of Hendrix, Cream, Yardbirds etc and my mum was a huge Beatles, Stones, T-Rex and Reggae fan, so you can see where I get my music taste from! (but that's for another post)).....
my mum and dad were childhood sweethearts, met when they were around 12 at school, engaged by 16, married by 23 and still together now aged 59
(which is very rare these days)
and still very much in love!

This is my all time Favourite photo of my mum from those days, this is with all the girls she worked with in the hairdressers..

(they had a bit of a reunion recently 4 of them met up for coffee, after not seeing each other for 40+ years, as one of the girls now lives in Australia)
My mum fought with Breast Cancer when I was a kid, and I will be forever in awe of her for being so strong and brave,
and forever Thankful that she made it through and is fit and healthy now
heres mummy now.... still as pretty as ever... you wouldn't believe shes 60 next year!

You only get one mum, cherish her! :)
Thanks for reading


  1. What fabulous photographs, your mum was/is beautiful and happy birthday to her x

  2. What a wonderful post you did ! Guess she's very proud to have you. I love to watch old pictures of my mum/family too- always imagine how life's been those times. Anyway young or old your mum looks very nice ! XX

    1. Thanks! At times she might be proud, other times she probably thinks "What have I raised!!" hehe :)
      yes I love looking at all the old clothes, hairstyles, cars etc
      thanks for your comment xxx

  3. Happy birthday to your mom!!She is so beautiful then and now, I love all her photographs! It's true moms are unique beings!

  4. The photos are charming. And your mum looks now as beautiful as in earlier years.

  5. The photo's are so amazing. Your mom was and still is a very beautifull lady. It is really a blessing she survived cancer.
    I hope you and your mom have a wonderfull day and happy birthday to your mom!

  6. your mum is absolutely gorgeous!love the pictures!

  7. What a heartwarmingly beautiful post and ode to your mother. She was - and is - an absolutely gorgeous woman. Happiest birthday wishes to her!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Awww. This is sch a cute & beautiful post! I love my mama loads lol & was thinking about doing something like this for her ages ago...

    Your mummy was & is a very beautiful lady, so stylish! LOVE her clothes btw!!

    ♥ Hayley-Marie (Lover-Doll Presley) xxx

    1. awww! thanks! she doesn't know about this post yet, when i show her, she will see thats its not just me who thinks shes beautiful! :)
      I know the clothes are gorgeous, I'm always saying to her "why didnt you keep that"
      oh you are a Hayley too!!
      I'm Hayley also, thats funny!


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