Etsy Coupon Code .....

Well well well, Beau'iful Bloggers, what 'ave we 'ere?
Why! Its a Coupon Code for you and exclusively for you!
It allows you 10% off any purchase in our Etsy shop
simply add this code .....
in the box where it says coupon when you check out / pay and just like magic....

you have yourself a bargain, just for dropping by this blog
can't say fairer than that!
remember its.... desdemona9
AND The coupon is valid until the new year so Happy Chrimbo shopping blogmeisters


  1. Hey sweet, thank you for adding my button :)
    I have added yours but it has come out a little stretched. The size of the button is 185 in width and 50 in height, I don't mind helping you if you are stuck xox

  2. P.s I have made a temporary button for you so if you would like to make a new one people will still be able to see a button for your blog/shop :) I haven't used your font as I cannot seem to find the correct one!
    I hope you don't mind, I have used a different image from your shop as I couldn't get much of the green bag in :( But you can change it as you please so do not worry xox

  3. Hey!
    yay! what you did there was perfect!! thanks for being my first button swapper! xx


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