Whats in store for 2014 ..... Hairdressing Training ...

Firstly ..... Happy New Year Bloggers !!!
So what have you all got in the pipe line for 2014?
I'm excited for this year, I will be starting my diploma in Hair Design
I have always been interested in hairdressing, worked in a few hairdresser when I was younger, always cut. styled and coloured friends hair for them, started training in a salon when I was 16 but gave it up and now I think its time to go back to it, hopefully I will have the time to keep you all updated on my progress....
here's some of what I've been up to so far.....

#1 before and after, cut to a bob and smoothed out 
#2  took the bobbed hair and dyed it red and styled it in a 70s Charlie's angels inspired do  
#3 long Glam glossy waves
#4 & #5 The Ombre effect

#5 makeover hair before and after, dyed hair in the darkest brown, cut a fringe and a blow-dry, finished off with twisting the ends with straighteners
#6  practicing 1940s Victory Rolls 
#7 1920s Finger waves
#8 retro style shampoo and set

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  1. These are amazing! Love the red styled bob, you did a great job:)


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