Its good to be back!

Jeeezzz, I haven't posted on here in sooooo long
 It has been a very busy couple of years for me, and I should of been blogging, so I'm gonna catch up heres a quick re cap of some of what I've been up to since I last spoke to you....
(then I promise I will blog more often, even if they are short but sweet)

Finding out about my family tree (blog post coming soon!)
Took an Alpaca for a walk!
saw Jake Bugg live in Brixton
Turned 30!
Day trip to Bruges (again)
One of my best friends got married
Changed my car
Working my butt off to pay for the hairdressing course, and all the kit
 practicing hair, as you can see in the post below
2 x Trips to Liverpool (blog post coming soon!)
Day trips in London, its right on my doorstep, but I don't take the time to enjoy it, usually I'm outta there asap!  (blog post coming soon!)
Coffee in Buckingham Palace
Isabella Blow exhibition at Somerset house (blog post coming soon!)
I've got Penpals!!!
As well as trying to take some time for me (I must remember to take time to relax, and turn off my mind (♪♫ relax and float downstream ♪♫) )

Also I've set up a Twitter account for Desdemona (I've never been very active on Twitter in the past, but I'm determined to give it a go)
Follow Pleeeaaaassseeee..... @styledesdemona

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